27 July 2015

Logo Design & Business


A logo is the first visual introduction to a company and this is the reason why logo designers are in high demand. Besides representing the company, logos can influence purchase decisions and the overall attitude of the target audience towards the product.

Therefore, a well designed logo is vital for an companies marketing strategy. While a good logo can provide your business the right message, a bad logo will equally affect your business adversely. Here are a few factors that can affect the outcome of the right logo.


Projecting a bad image

Your company logo is closely associated with image of your business. When your logo is poorly designed, it has an unprofessional feel about it and potential customers are not going to think highly about you. A bad logo will never be able to represent your business properly this happens because the viewers will be unable to find out the exact purpose of your business and make the wrong assumptions.


Miss the Target Audience

It is important to get the right target audience; your logo also helps in portraying the right message to your customers. If your logo does not speak directly to your customers then it is not designed with purpose. A good logo design is one that is relevant to your company and will attract the attention of the right customers.


Creating a Negative Impact

If your logo is giving a negative impression about your business, then you may need to consider changing it. Your logo might not be that bad, just not suited for your company. A bad business logo will be unable to portray the right message to your customers.


Redesigning the Logo

Unfortunately once you realise your present company logo is not right for you, you will have to re-design it. Do not to go for cheap logo design services, these solutions provided to you may not be correct and you may have to re-design it again. This is the reason why most of the companies look for experienced and right agencies and designers to provide the right solution.


Choosing the Wrong Color, Shape and Font

Always choose the right color for the logos. Single colour templates provide clarity for what your audience is watching. Shape for your logo is equally important. If you op for a distinct shape it will remember it even after a long time. In this regard it is also important to choose the correct font.


Help is at Hand

Google does not take your logo into account when ranking your websites but your logos will affect your client base. Talk to us at YUMYUM Creative Design and we can provide help and assistance in providing the logo that is right for you.



Logo Design & Business